Northern Illinois Collections Attorney

Businesses often find themselves in the unenviable position of holding unpaid invoices and receivables. It is challenging for a business to remain profitable when it is not paid in a timely manner for goods and services provided. Collecting on outstanding receivables is an essential part of any business. At the law firm of Boehm & Boehm, we help businesses and business owners collect on the debt that is owed to them. We understand how to handle collection matters efficiently and effectively so that your business can continue providing valuable goods and services.

Experienced Collections Legal Representation

Businesses often turn to collections agencies when attempting to collect outstanding invoices. Collections agencies, however, are severely limited in the tools they have to collect debt. Essentially, collections agencies can only write letters and make phone calls. Consequently, collections agencies are typically far less successful than collections attorneys in resolving outstanding debts.

As a licensed attorney, Garrett L. Boehm can file suit against debtors. Where a debtor can ignore the efforts of a collections agency, he or she cannot ignore a lawsuit. In many cases the threat of litigation alone is sufficient to motivate a debtor to resolve the matter. Lawsuits are costly in terms of both time and money for a debtor to defend. The desire to avoid legal proceedings is a powerful motivator to pay delinquent debt. Should a debtor fail to resolve his or her debt despite warnings of litigation, we are prepared to file with the court to obtain a Judgment in the matter. Our goal is to ensure our client's rights as business owners and creditors are protected and respected.

If you or your business has a problem with unpaid invoices and accounts receivables, contact us to discuss your situation. We assist clients in Cook County, Lake County, McHenry County and throughout Northern Illinois.