Residential Real Estate Law

Residential Real Estate Law

Find a Dedicated Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are buying your first home or your fifth, you need skilled legal representation during this exciting and important time.

For nearly 40 years, Boehm & Boehm attorneys have been successfully managing residential real estate matters of all types in Barrington and the Northern suburbs. We are highly experienced in drafting and reviewing mortgage, insurance, purchase and sale documents.

Focused on Closings

After closing hundreds of residential real estate deals over the years, we know how to help our clients avoid pitfalls before sitting down at the closing table. When we do get there, our lawyers work diligently to ensure all transactions are completed efficiently and to your full satisfaction.

Contact Boehm & Boehm today at 847-381-6857 to discuss your residential real estate needs. Our fees are highly competitive and we are very gratified to receive referrals from our clients time and time again when it comes to residential real estate law.

Barrington & North Suburban Short Sales

The short sale residential real estate arena is evolving all the time. At Boehm & Boehm, we are keeping up with the changing rules and regulations to make sure deals go through successfully for all our clients interested in this type of real estate transaction.

Our law firm represents both short sale buyers and sellers in Barrington and the Northern Suburban area. When working on a seller's behalf, we will even find and present appropriate appraisals to the lending institution to justify the price recommended by the seller's realtor.

Private Lending Deals

Lending money to a child, other family member or friend so they can purchase a property is an extremely generous act. It should, however, be set-up formally and legally as a private mortgage. If you are considering moving forward with a private loan, contact the attorneys at Boehm & Boehm at 847-381-6857. They are proficient in creating these types of lending documents.