Estate Planning Attorney in Barrington, IL

Estate Planning Attorney in Barrington, IL

Estate Planning Guidance You Can Lean On

For over 30 years, we have helped people in Northern Illinois with estate planning and administration. We have detailed knowledge of the laws in this state that concern estate planning and administration, and how they differ from those in other states. The law firm of Boehm & Boehm understands how to work within these guidelines to provide you with the estate plan that works best for your family.

Our services include:

Whether you are in the early stages of creating a will, or you are seeking to create and fund a trust to ensure your loved ones are left with a steady stream of income when you are gone, we can give you the guidance you need. Contact the law firm of Boehm & Boehm at 847-381-6857 to schedule a free initial consultation.

We are good listeners. When you are planning the future for you and your family, you want someone who understands your needs. We want to understand what is best for your family, because every family has different needs. Our estate planning lawyer will take the time to discuss your vision of the future. Then we provide you with the legal guidance you need to help your vision come to pass. To do so, we provide you with a detailed breakdown of all of the options you have and all of the potential outcomes that each option provides. From living wills to guardianships for minor children, we have the experience you need on your side.